What Next?

So, Christiano Ronaldo is off on his toes to Real Madrid. How long did anybody really think he would stay at United for after last Cristiano_Ronaldosummers shenanigans?

There is no doubting he is a wonderful talent. But, if his dream move to Real did not materialise this summer he would surely have been a disruptive influence at Carrington. We have all seen that petulance is as much a Ronaldo attribute as his trademark free-kicks.

So where does this leave United (apart from with the thick end of £100m in their sky rocket)?

It looks like there is going to be no Ronaldo or Tevez at Old Trafford next season and speculation on new signings will be rampant over the next month or so. Ferguson has had the amazing ability over the years to build new teams after losing big names. But can he do it again?

One advantage that United do have is the obvious financial turmoil at Anfield. As the champions closest rivals last season, you would think that Liverpool would be rubbing their hands together at the thought of United losing Ronaldo and Tevez. But, it is becoming increasing evident that they do not have two pesetas to rub together to strengthen their squad in any substantial way.

Lets look at the names being mentioned as possible signings:

MANCHESTER UNITED – Karim Benzema, Frank Ribery, Antonia Valencia.

CHELSEA – Sergio Aguero, Pato, David Villa.

And then…

LIVERPOOL – Glen Johnson, Tuncay Sanli, Alvaro Negredo.

Couple the problem’s with signing players with the possibility of star names leaving, we’re talking Xabi Alonso and Javier Maschesrano, and Liverpool’s house of cards come come tumbling down before they’ve had the chance to win a hand or two.

Its starting to look that all the good work at Anfield over the last year is going to be for nothing unless the club is sold and funds are made available by a different contributor. Chelsea look like they’re willing to put their hand in their pocket again and with that in mind look the most likely to mount a serious challenge to United next season.

What is without doubt is that we are going to be looking at a very difference Premiership next year. Whether it will be a positive change for the league will become clear in due course.


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