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Rich Mens Missions and Tenuous Positions

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Manchester City have are now widely regarded as the richest football club in the World. And going by the astronomical amounts of money they are spending, and willing to spend,mark_hughes_blackburn on players it would be very difficult to suggest otherwise. The only frustrating thing for City this Summer has been the fact that Real Madrid have once again gone hand out to a Spanish bank and secured a ‘loan’ (and I use the term loosely) that has funded the transfer of players who otherwise would be at the top of the City hit list. But, this will be of little concern to City fans who are currently experiencing the kind of joy they never thought would be possible and the club have stuck up gigantic billboards in the city to stir up the Citizens and wind up Manchester United fans at the same time. Sounds ideal, and for the fans it is, because they don’t care who signs the checks or even manages the team, as long as the can see success in the not too distant future. The only man who should be concerned about this revolution is the manager – Mark Hughes.

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